Studio 2


Our brand new state-of-the-art studios have been designed from the ground up and incorporate many unique features to make your stay with us as comfortable and productive as possible. Our rooms are also a perfect space for live events (SourceConnect available) – see examples here.  Each studio also lends itself perfectly to corporate events with production, security and catering staff all available in-house – see examples here. They’re the perfect location to program lighting packages or simply shoot promo – see another example here. If you require a stizprobe space, company training or equipment demo – look no further!

All our studios are just under 20ft in height, and with a fully ‘zoneable’ fire detection system suitable to be used with haze, making them the perfect location to also program your lighting packages. This can be done from the internal front-of-house room or using the cat6 tie lines to our dedicated AV room (with SourceConnect). Along with a removable 15ft x 15ft green-screen, complete with infinity wall, this studio really opens a new world of possibilities.

All our rooms are accessed by a short ground level push from our loading bay through oversized studio double doors.

Natural daylight (blackout curtains in all rooms) and super-fast lease line WiFi are of course standard throughout. For your comfort, we have also installed a ground-breaking German-engineered, silent, ambient heating/cooling system – with its unique air purification, we have eliminated the age old AC ‘dry air’ problem.

All three of our rooms, have real oak-sprung floors making them perfect for all styles of dance/theatre rehearsals. Our large, private, outdoor space offers a perfect space for a break from your rehearsals, smoke or even a picnic – see examples of it’s use here!

We pride ourselves on offering a high quality service for your comfort and to be mindful of environmental issues. Therefore we provide boiling/cold filtered water on tap, fully recyclable/disposable cups/lids, battery recycling stations throughout the building and implement a green energy usage scheme.

With catering available on request – see examples here, ample free car-parking, 20,000 sqft of client storage not to mention our massive, award winning, backline department and fully stocked Tour Supplies Shop, we are confident we have created an environment, both artists and crew will be excited to see as a stop on their itinerary.

For area information, please see Contact & Info page.



In Studio 2, we have the slick DiGiCo SD12 surface with 56x in/24x out DiGiCo SD rack.

The surface features 24x assignable faders, 72x input channels and 36x aux/grp busses – integrated with a Waves DMI card and optics connection.

The SD rack boasts 7x 32-bit input cards, 3x 32-bit output cards and 1x AES output.

Build your show file before your visit to Studio 2 by using this software:

Approx. 45ftx60ft

1x 63a three-phase
3x 63a single-phase
1x 32a three-phase
3x 32a single phase
8x16a single phase (7x at main power drop, 1x in FoH room)

Digico SD-12
Surface with waves DMI card and optics.
Digico SD rack with 7x 32bit input cards (56 in) and 3x
32bit output cards (24 out) and 1x AES output card
and optics.
8x Turbosound TFM-450
2x Turbosound TA-500 DP Two-Way Passive Speakers
2x Turbosound TSW 218 DP Subs

Mic Box:
1x Shure 57
1x Shure beta 57a
2x Shure beta 58a
1x Sennheiser e935
2x Sennheiser e906
2x Sennheiser MD421
1x Sennheiser e905
1x Sennheiser e902
3x Sennheiser e904
3x Sennheiser e914
6x BSS AR133 D.I. Box

Mic Stands:
1x Straight Stand
10x Tall Boom Stands
6x Short Boom Stands

Cable Box:
5x long EP6
5x medium EP6
5x short EP6
40x XLR
1x 4-way XLR loom
1x 8-way XLR loom
1x 24-way XLR loom
1x 16-way stage box
1x 22-way stage box
1x 32-amp cable
5x 16-amp cable
5x power drops
1x 4-way 13-amp plug board