North Studio

Welcome to Music Bank's flagship, 3,000 square foot North Studio rehearsal facility.

Alongside the main live room, there's a lounge with a kitchen and TV/Freeview/DVD station, and also a production office. The lounge area can also be used as a FOH or control room with line of sight. All rooms are fully air conditioned and feature free WiFi.

Avid VENUE | Profile system.

Aivd Profile FOH Rack with 42 ins/32 outs.
8 x Personal Q (PQ) Controllers

Speaker and Audio Management::
Three Lab.Gruppen fP 2400Q power amps, three Lab.Gruppen FP+ 6000Q power amps, three XTA Audiocore DP448 audio management system

8 x Turbosound TFM-450

2 x Turbosound TA-500 DP Two-Way Passive Speakers
2 x Turbosound TSW 218 DP Subs

1 x Shure SM57, 1 x Shure Beta 57a, 1 x Shure Beta 58a, 1 x Shure SM58, 1 x Sennheiser E901, 1 X Sennheiser E902, 3 x Sennheiser E904, 2 x Sennheiser E905, 1 x Sennheiser E906, 1 x Sennheiser E935, 3 x Sennheiser E914

Microphone Stands:
10 x Tall Proel boom microphone stands
6 x Short Proel boom microphone stands
1 x Straight Proel microphone stand

8x 16A
4x 32A
3x 63A single phase
1x 63A three phase

Contact us

For more information on our studios, please email or call reception on 0207 252 0001.