From a single 4x4 deck for a bar to a full Artic's-worth for a festival, Music Bank offers a complete range of light weight heavy duty risers. A variety of functionality is available – static risers, rolling risers, and risers of various sizes and heights – all from the Lite Deck range. Ideal for festival, drum, keyboard or camera uses, our stock – and the team behind them – will tailor to your exact needs. All are carpeted and can be fitted with full drapes. We also offer a series of optional handrails, steps and skates. Once you have chosen and ordered exactly what you need, transport is also available, again tailored to your requirements.


From a pair of walkies with a single charger right up to a fleet of 50 in full touring flight cases with spare batteries, Music Bank is a tried-and-tested supplier of production communication. We use the industry standard Motorola GP340 walkie, noted for its technical excellence and unobtrusive design. It is available for hire with either single, or six-birth chargers, spare batteries, hand-held mic attachments, cases and straps. A whole range of covert ears, headsets and lapel PTTs are also available.

Music Bank can provide a wide choice of Production cases, including wardrobe cases, keyboard and guitar trunks, and drum trunks. For safe, secure transportation of everything from a cymbal to an artists costume.
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