Studio 1 allows any act whether stadium band, dance company, theatre production or anything else in-between to simulate their stage set as required. The studio live room is 45ft x 55ft x 20ft with dedicated FOH (14ft x 15ft). Featuring two floors of breakout rooms including: kitchenette, band lounge, artist lounge, production manager's office and own WC. For more information please click here.
Our flagship studio boasts a massive 45ft x 60ft x 20ft live room, along with the same highly spec'd breakout rooms as Studio 1, including: dedicated FOH (14ft x 15ft), artist lounge, band lounge, kitchenette, production manager’s office and own WC. For more information please click here.
Studio 3 works for all productions but is ideal for academy/club venue rehearsals. A fantastic sounding room that allows artists to feel the kinetic energy produced when in full-flow. The live room has dimensions of 27ft x 53ft x 20ft and of course, comes with the same ultra-high standard breakouts as its sister studios. For more information please click here.
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