08 Feb 19

Studio Versatility

Even though our Studios are predominantly used a space for artist rehearsals, they’re multi-functional spaces that can be used for full production rehearsals, dance rehearsals, live events, and corporate events. Since the launch of our brand-new purpose built complex, we’ve housed clients who’ve done all of the above.

Water-based haze can be used, in-conjunction with our top of the range air-conditioning for production rehearsals – alongside this, and thanks to our highly spec’d power distro, trussed lighting can be built.

Within our huge backline rental stock, we have a great selection of chairs, LiteDeck staging, and microphones for any corporate event.

Dance rehearsals are a common feature at Music Bank, thanks to our real oak sprung floor and selection of manoeuvrable mirrors available for hire.

Have a look at a few of the different types of hire we can provide on the links below.

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