27 Jan 19

City Lit Percussion Orchestra

Music Bank are delighted to have had the opportunity to donate some equipment to the City Lit Percussion Orchestra.

'The Percussion Orchestra started in 2015 and is a music project for adults with learning disabilities that aims to create and perform original compositions to a high standard. The project is a collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music’s Open Academy provision which provides opportunities for their students to engage with communities and projects outside of the usual concert platform.'

'Being part of a group project means being engaged with a dynamic and changing environment. Autistic students are often perceived as being unable to accept change, but we have seen many instances where such changes have been taken on, worked with, and developed in very creative ways. Students gain in confidence and become less anxious when they feel they can be successful by trying out something new-whether its experimenting with new instruments, or writing lyrics, to composing whole scores in written music form. All my students are fully aware that their efforts will be on show at the end of the year, and that what they are presenting is owned by them.'

Both City Lit and the Royal Academy of Music are, rightfully, creating an environment which gives equal opportunity to all - Music Bank are proud to be a part of that.